Arty Party

Arty Party at Limoncito

Celebrate The Artistic Way

Picture this: a party where your child and their friends get to craft amazing art pieces to cherish forever.

Kick back, relax and let Limoncito handle all the excitement at your child’s upcoming birthday party. Our private art studio and dedicated instructors are all yours for a splendid two-hour celebration.

You have the freedom to select from a range of popular art projects or even request a custom creation tailored to your child’s unique preferences.


An Arty Party is an extraordinary birthday experience for your child and their friends. Imagine a private art studio filled with laughter and creativity, where young artists explore various artistic forms to craft unique masterpieces.

The art they create during the party isn’t just a fun activity; it’s their birthday present to treasure. Explore our photo gallery to see the smiles, colors, and magical moments of Arty Party birthdays!

Celebrate With Child's Birthday With Art

Workshops For Children

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Art Classes

Students will complete a painting inspired by the great masters, using: acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, collage, etc. A special attention will be placed on techniques like: drawing and painting from real life, knowledge of materials, drawing and understanding proportion, understanding color and tone, mastering pencil control and brush strokes and color theory. Art style and artist history.


Our workshops are theme inspired. It’s a fun and social opportunity to celebrate festivities and holidays creating arts and crafts with your friends. We do paper mache, 3D models, beads art, batik, clay, and painting, Inspired by a cultural festivity or their own inspiration.