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About Limoncito

The Value of Art in a Child

At Limoncito, we believe that art is an essential tool for children’s personal and social growth. Our art classes aim to develop children’s creativity and self-expression, while enhancing their cognitive, emotional, physical, and aesthetic development. We strive to foster children’s imagination and language skills, providing them with a means to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

We are passionate about exposing children to diverse forms of arts and artists with various backgrounds and contexts, enriching their cultural and historical awareness. Through art, we build children’s self-esteem and confidence, allowing them to create something unique and meaningful and receive positive feedback and recognition.

At Limoncito, we offer children a source of joy and satisfaction, enabling them to explore their interests, have fun, and express their individuality. Our art classes cultivate children’s critical thinking and aesthetic judgment by encouraging them to observe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate artwork, including their own creations.

We provide children with opportunities for social interactions and cooperation through collaborative art projects and activities with peers and adults. At Limoncito, we empower children to make a positive contribution to their community and society by inspiring them to share their artworks and messages with others. Join us on this journey of discovery and self-expression through the world of art.

Our Mission

Limoncito focuses on child-centered, process-oriented, and discovery-based learning through a variety of art materials, tools, and techniques. Our teaching methods include introducing children to various forms of art such as pasting, drawing, painting, printing, and constructing. We encourage children to observe, analyze, interpret, and appreciate their own artworks and those of others while providing positive feedback and recognition for their efforts. We also create a supportive and respectful environment that fosters individual differences and developmental stages while promoting creative traits such as curiosity, flexibility, and independence.

Our Story

Starting a business during the pandemic was not strategic, but necessary. My daughters were home all day and online classes weren't working. My eldest started an art project on her bedroom wall, inspired by "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". It was her safe space and a reminder of the emotional turmoil we were experiencing. Art became their sanctuary and I learned that it can be about "Art for the fun of it" and its healing powers. We opened Limoncito as a safe space for ourselves and neighbors to create art and decompress. Art is now part of my daughters' language and communication.


At Limoncito, we provide motivation and guidance to help children develop their creativity and self-expression through art. Our approach stimulates curiosity, imagination, and problem-solving skills, encouraging children to explore new possibilities and solutions. We recognize and celebrate their efforts and achievements, fostering a positive and supportive environment for their artistic growth.


Limoncito sets a creative climate by providing accessible art materials, arranging the physical space for comfortable and free movement, and establishing social norms that promote cooperation and collaboration. The time for art activities is planned to allow children to work at their own pace and complete their projects while sharing their experiences with others.


B-B2-3A, Kiaraville, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur


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Opening Hours

Tue - Sun: 10 am - 7 pm